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SMART Balustrade van at Burton Rugby Club

Burton Rugby Club

We were tasked with providing seamless balustrades for the Burton Rugby Club stadium. Take a look at the project, the challenges and our solutions here.

Modern black handrails with glass balustrades


Autocab asked us to transform and modernise their office with stunning glass balustrades. Take a look at the project, the challenges and our solutions here.

Stadium balustrades

Alexander Stadium

We installed robust frameless balustrades for the Alexander Stadium. Take a look at the project, the challenges and our solutions here.

staircase balustrade

Reynard House

We modernised the staircases and platforms at Reynard House using glass and stainless steel balustrades. Take a look at the project, the challenges and our solutions here.

Glass terrace balustrades at hotel

Hilton Garden Inn

We provided stunning glass balustrades in various formats for the Hilton Holiday Inn at Heathrow Airport. Find out more about the project here.

crown plaza holiday inn

Holiday Inn/Crowne Plaza

The Crowne Plaza/Holiday Inn Express at Heathrow Airport wanted to modernise their landings with stunning glass and stainless steel balustrades. Find out how we helped. 

Glass terraces balustrade

Derry Farm House

A homeowner in Shentone came to us wanting to elevate his outdoor space and enhance his views from his terrace. Take a look at the seamless terrace balustrades we installed on this residential property.

Care home balustrade

Broadleaves Extra Care

We were approached by a care home in Newark to provide stunning glass staircases with timber handrails, and glass terrace balustrades. See how we put safety first and completed the job.

Spencer Yard, Leamington Spa

Spencer Yard

In this dynamic mix of history and modernity, we installed structural glass balustrades with stainless steel capping rails. Our design not only prioritises safety but seamlessly integrates with the atmosphere.

Burnthorpe Farm, Dunley

Burnthorpe Farm

We created a seamless blend of sophistication and safety enhancements allowing for the panoramic views for this home in Dunley.

The Paddocks, Knutsford

The Paddocks

We designed, manufactured, and installed frameless glass balustrades at The Paddocks for Priestley Homes as part of their ongoing development.

Wrexham Sheltered Housing

Wrexham Sheltered Housing

Our collaboration with Read Construction involved transforming Wrexham Sheltered Housing, featuring two distinctive projects—Llys Y Myndd and Tir Y Capel.

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