Broadleaves Extra Care Case Study

Improving safety and style at a Newark care home

Elevating Living Spaces: SMART Balustrades at Broadleaves Extra Care, Newark

Project Overview

The Broadleaves Extra Care facility aimed to create a welcoming and secure environment for its residents. This project emphasised the importance of safety and aesthetics throughout the facility. SMART Balustrades contributed by providing a variety of balustrades and handrail solutions that seamlessly integrated with the design of the living spaces.


The primary challenge was to ensure the safety and aesthetics of the living spaces, both indoors and outdoors. The facility needed balustrades for balconies, handrails for corridors, and balustrades for stairs and the communal terrace. Each of these elements had to blend with the facility’s overall design and provide safety for residents.

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Staircase balustades at carehome

SMART Balustrades’ Solution

SMART Balustrades delivered a range of solutions tailored to the specific needs of the Broadleaves Extra Care facility. They provided stainless steel Juliet balconies to enhance the safety and appearance of the building’s exterior. For indoor spaces, corridor handrails were designed, combining stainless steel and timber for a warm yet secure feel.

Balustrades for stairs featured a combination of timber, stainless steel, and glass infill, ensuring safety while maintaining a modern and open look. The communal terrace was equipped with 1800mm high stainless steel balustrades with glass, offering both safety and clear views.

Execution and Implementation

Working closely with the project team, SMART Balustrades installed these solutions, ensuring they were seamlessly integrated with the facility’s design. The focus remained on delivering safety and enhancing the overall aesthetics and comfort of the living spaces.

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The implementation of SMART Balustrades’ solutions at Broadleaves Extra Care successfully combined safety and aesthetics. The stainless steel Juliet balconies enhanced the exterior of the facility while providing security. The corridor handrails maintained a warm and welcoming atmosphere in indoor spaces. The balustrades for stairs offered safety and a modern design, and the communal terrace balustrades provided safety and unobstructed views.


The collaboration between SMART Balustrades and Broadleaves Extra Care in Newark showcased the importance of innovative design in creating safe, secure, and aesthetically pleasing living spaces. The project highlighted the potential for care facilities to provide residents with not only safety but also a comfortable and visually appealing environment, reflecting SMART Balustrades’ commitment to enhancing the quality of life for residents.

Client Testimonial

The management of Broadleaves Extra Care praised SMART Balustrades for their expertise and the quality of their work, emphasising how the solutions significantly contributed to the overall well-being and safety of the residents.

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