Modern Glass Balustrades For Stairs

Our Glass Balustrades are perfect for use on a staircase, helping to transform it into a beautiful feature in any residential or commercial setting. We have multiple balustrade systems on offer, ranging from structural glass, stainless steel, timber and frameless styles that all conform to industry standards.

We have a highly experienced team that are on hand to guide you through your project from start to finish – we are able to customise and refine your chosen balustrade from the height and material to the colour and finish to make sure we achieve the desired result you’re looking for. We can assess your requirements for your staircase to suggest the best designs, mounting options and finishes to ensure your staircase is safe, secure and has achieved the desired look.

At SMART, we have acquired a lot of experience in supplying and fitting staircase balustrades and we have successfully worked with an abundance of customers in care homes, hotels, sports venues, apartment buildings and private homes. No project is too large or too small for our team who are committed to providing the best customer service at every stage of your project.

Staircase Balustade

Glass Stair Variations

Our range of SMART staircase balustrades include rust-resistant stainless steel, a variety of timber options and frameless glass balustrades. We offer structural glass in multiple thicknesses and colours to suit your needs, as well as high quality handrail and post options. Our seamless glass balustrades can also be used for staircases to host an ultra-modern look, with no intrusions – this is a great option if you’re looking to create a ‘floating staircase’. 

curved glass stair balustrade

Outdoor Glass Staircases

As well as improving the inside of your property glass staircase balustrades are a great choice for outdoors. Our weather-resistant, rust-free staircase options are easy to clean and hard wearing meaning they’re a great solution for gardens and entrances. Give your home or commercial property a modern edge with eye-catching glass staircases, completely customisable with glass tints, handrails and various fixtures.

modern commercial glass staircase

Secure Glass Balustrades For Staircases

No matter what the material of the balustrade is, they will add aesthetic value to your stairs as well as increasing safety in high volume areas, or areas used by children. Glass balustrades add a sophisticated touch of elegance and allow more light to your space, giving the illusion of a bigger area. Stainless steel is super easy to clean and durable, making them a perfect investment. 

Glass Staircase Installation Across the UK

At SMART Balustrades, we are proud of our combined experience of 170 years in the balustrade industry, which reflects on our fantastic work we have done all across the UK.

We have over 800 happy satisfied customers thus far, ranging from customers in private homes to popular hotel chains. We can help with individual and large scale installations, helping to bring glass staircases into homes and residential properties across the country and further afield. 

Glass Stairs are a great solution both indoors and outdoors due to being hardwearing, weather resistant and easy to clean. No matter the setting we can provide and install top quality glass balustrades to help to improve your properties aesthetic.

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Want to get started? Well we’re on hand to talk you through every step of your project, ensuring your requirements are met so that you get the exact result that you’re looking for. From helping with designs all the way through to aftercare, we’re on hand to guarantee satisfaction. Get in touch today to start your staircase project, and feel free to check out our TrustPilot Reviews for more insight into our happy customers.

commercial glass and stainless steel stair balustrade

Parts & Fittings For Glass Stairs

Are you just looking for parts? Well we can help! If you want to install glass stairs in your home we can help to supply you with all the relevant parts you may need including:

  • Structural glass – available in various tints and thicknesses
  • Handrails – Available in stainless steel or various styles of timber
  • Baserails – Available in Stainless Steel
  • Fittings/Clamps – Various shapes and styles available depending on load requirements

Get in touch with our team for more information or visit our instant quote tool and use our smart builder to get an estimate instantly.

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Explore our case studies to follow our projects from start to finish. We have an abundance of completed projects and we’ve gained an excellent reputation for unrivalled quality balustrade installations, so feel free to also read some of our excellent TrustPilot reviews.

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    Staircase Balustrade FAQs

    There isn’t really a difference, as handrails that are used for staircases can also be called stair rails or banisters. However, there are a few building regulations that need to be adhered to when fitting a handrail to a staircase, such as its height, shape and material used. It is best to check building regulations first before purchasing handrails for use on staircases to ensure you are buying the correct product.

    Balustrades pricing can vary depending on the style of frame (seamless, steel or timber), barrier and fittings chosen. Other factors such as glass thickness and style may also impact the costs. The number one aspect to consider when choosing balustrades for staircases is safety, and we can suggest and provide the most suitable balustrade systems that will ensure quality, safety and a long-lasting investment. If you have an area in mind that you want pricing up, you can use our balustrade planner tool for an instant online estimation.

    Yes, handrails are mandatory on at least one side of a staircase, if the staircase is less than one metre wide, with handrails required on both sides if the stairs are wider than this. There are a few requirements that need to be met under building regulations when it comes to the height and placement of handrails for stairs and in public buildings, so it is always best to check before proceeding with installation, or seek advice from a professional.

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