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We offer the installation of balustrades for oak and glass staircases that are built around your specific needs, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish. Our commitment to quality shines through in our high-grade balustrade glass, crafted for unparalleled durability and aesthetic appeal.

Integrating glass with oak in residential and commercial settings offers a contemporary twist, instantly modernising any staircase. Each bespoke pane of glass is precision-cut to fit your exact dimensions with style options including frameless, clamped or embedded glass. We can complement your unique style preferences with a range of stainless steel fixtures and fittings available with powder coating for unique aesthetics. 

Our team transforms staircases into captivating focal points. From concept to final product, our experts work closely with you to create a bespoke oak and glass staircase balustrade system, designed perfectly to suit to your home or commercial property. Add a touch of elegance and luxury with a staircase that doesn’t just meet, but exceeds your expectations. 

Oak Handrails with glass balustrades

Handrail Customisation 

Explore endless possibilities for handrail customisation with SMART Balustrades. Whether you prefer a circular or rectangular profile, our selection offers versatility to suit your aesthetic preferences. Choose from a range of widths, all crafted to meet safety regulations while allowing for personalised style. In addition to oak, we also offer other wood options including maple, ash or beech, providing you with even more opportunities to tailor your staircase to perfection.

Oak & Glass Variations

Glass Variations

We offer glass panels in straight or curved designs to suit your property’s layout and style. Choose from multiple thicknesses to ensure both durability and aesthetic appeal. Our style variations include the timeless clarity of clear glass, favoured for its ability to infuse spaces with natural light, as well as the pristine transparency of low-iron glass. Safety is paramount and all our custom balustrades are engineered to support loadings of 0.74kN, 1.5kN, and 3kN.

Glass & Oak Balustrade Fixings

Mounting Options

Glass staircase balustrades have several mounting options to suit your preference and setting. Our recessed mounting option offers a seamless solution with the support channel discreetly nestled beneath floor level making it completely invisible to anyone using the area. Alternatively, our surface mounting option positions the support channel above floor level, ideal for scenarios where digging into the floor is not feasible. 

Balustrade Installation For Oak & Glass Staircases

Boasting 170 years of combined expertise in the balustrade industry, SMART Balustrades are the top choice for your glass and oak staircase installation. Our stellar track record is a testament to the outstanding work we’ve accomplished throughout the UK. With over 800 satisfied customers, including private homeowners and esteemed hotel chains, our reputation for excellence precedes us. Whether you require individual installations or large-scale projects, we’re equipped to bring the elegance of glass staircases to homes and commercial properties nationwide.

Glass stairs offer an unbeatable combination of durability, aesthetic appeal, and ease of maintenance. From private residences to commercial spaces, our top-quality glass balustrades enhance the visual appeal of any setting. Trust SMART Balustrades to deliver and install premium glass balustrades that elevate the aesthetic of your property, ensuring lasting satisfaction and admiration.

Glass balustrade installation

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    Oak & Glass Staircase FAQs

    Yes, our glass staircases are engineered to meet stringent safety standards. Our balustrades are designed to withstand specified loadings, ensuring the safety of users without compromising on style.

    When it comes to glass staircases, tempered toughened laminated glass stands out as the optimal choice. With a minimum thickness of 21.5 mm, this type of glass offers unparalleled safety and durability. Tempered laminated glass undergoes a rigorous heating and cooling process, resulting in enhanced strength and resilience. Its laminated design also provides added protection against breakage, making it the safest option for staircases. 

    Absolutely! We offer a range of customisation options, including handrail styles, glass variations, and mounting options, allowing you to tailor your staircase to your unique preferences and specifications. We also supply glass balustrade panels in both flat and curved variations, making them fit for any layout. 

    Yes, oak and glass staircases are popular choices for commercial properties including office buildings, hotels, and retail spaces. They offer a sleek and contemporary design aesthetic while providing durability and functionality.

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