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Elevate your space with stylish and durable stainless steel handrails, adding a touch of character to your home or commercial space. Handrails are able to not only transform an area aesthetically, but they can add that extra security to your stairs, terraces, balconies and more by creating a durable barrier. From timber to stainless steel, handrails are able to provide the practicality, style and durability you’re searching for to prevent falling and fit into your design. Here at SMART, we are able to offer a variety of high quality handrails in various materials, colours and styles that can be altered to suit your space and needs.

Our stainless steel handrails are practical, stylish and provide the durability to keep spaces safe which can be vital in commercial buildings. Stainless steel can add an edge to domestic spaces whilst adding security. Stainless steel handrails are perfect indoor and outdoor use and they come in a variety of finishes and sizes.

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Colour Options

By utilising our powder coat we are able to completely customise your stainless steel handrails to different colours, finishes and sizes. Whether you’re after some dark or a bright and clean look, we are able to alter the colours to fit perfectly into your space and complement the surroundings. 

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High Durability

One of the main benefits of a stainless steel handrail is how durable they are as they’re made from a strong material to ensure complete safety. Stainless steel itself is among the most durable of materials that can be used for handrails, even more than wood. As stainless steel is also rustproof, it is able to withstand the elements outdoors, making them perfect for outdoors as well.

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Easy Maintenance

It is important to have handrails that require little and easy maintenance, especially in a commercial setting. Stainless steel is a very easy material to maintain and can be kept shiny and polished by simple cleaning and polishing methods. These handrails will not warp, fracture or bend over time, making them a perfect and easy investment.

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With our combined experience of 170 years in the balustrade industry, our expert team can help you from start to finish of your project whilst providing you with unrivaled quality and great prices. All of our work we do is covered under our guarantee, which will let you rest easy and know that you’re going to receive unmatched quality in our products and excellent service. If you would like a second opinion, feel free to read some of our excellent TrustPilot reviews.

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    Handrails FAQs

    It is simple, you are able to clean stainless steel handrails with a soft cloth or sponge and warm water with a mild detergent. You can then dry your handrails afterwards, which prevents water marks appearing.

    It is best to get a handrail installed professionally with a company such as ourselves to provide excellent safety and strong materials. However, if you are capable of doing it yourself, make sure you always have somebody with you for safety and use the appropriate tools and equipment. A quick route of installing a handrail is:

    • Locate and mark studs with a stud finder
    • Cut your handrail to the appropriate length
    • Mark the handrail height 
    • Mark the locations for brackets
    • Attach the handrail brackets to the wall
    • Attach the handrail to the secure brackets

    Between 900mm and 1000mm from the pitch line of the stairs is the height you should fit a handrail. This is approximately 39.4-39 inches and provides the perfect height for holding onto the handrail, providing the optimum safety.

    For your home, especially if you’re trying to sell a house, you will most likely need a handrail. If your home has three steps or fewer, you do not need to install a handrail. However, if you have four or more then you must have a handrail mounted on at least one side if the stairway is less than 44 inches wide. If the stairwell is open, you must have a handrail there. If the stairs are more than 1000mm wide, then it must have a handrail on both sides.

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