The Paddocks Case Study

Improving safety and style at The Paddocks, Knutsford

Elevating Living Spaces: SMART Balustrades at The Paddocks, Knutsford

Project Overview

At SMART Balustrades, we take pride in transforming spaces with innovative design. Today, we spotlight our ongoing project, The Paddocks in Knutsford, where we are designing, manufacturing, and installing frameless glass balustrades for Priestley Homes.

The Paddocks, a prestigious development by Priestley Homes, recently claimed the title of Best Residential Development in Cheshire at the United Kingdom Property Awards 2023. Our team at SMART Balustrades is thrilled to be a part of this exceptional project.

The Paddocks, Knutsford

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The Paddocks, Knutsford

SMART Balustrades’ Solution

Our role encompasses the complete process of designing, manufacturing, and installing frameless glass balustrades at The Paddocks. Our overarching objective is to enhance both the aesthetic appeal and safety standards of this project. This undertaking perfectly aligns with our unwavering commitment to excellence across all facets of architectural design.

The Results

Our addition of frameless glass balustrades to The Paddocks doesn’t just bring a modern touch but significantly boosts the overall visual appeal of this residential development. The innovative design we’ve incorporated plays a key role in enhancing its aesthetic charm.

Highlighting our dedication to excellence, The Paddocks, featuring our unique contributions, received notable recognition at the UK Property Awards 2023. The project was honoured with the prestigious title of Best Residential Development in Cheshire. These accolades not only emphasize the positive impact of our design but also showcase the award-winning excellence that defines our role in pushing the boundaries of architectural innovation.

Client Case Studies

Since launching SMART Balustrades, we’ve helped over 800 happy customers with project of varying sizes and styles. Feel free to read some of our excellent TrustPilot reviews, or delve deeper to see our consultation to installation process on our case studies page, and see how our expert team could help you.


In conclusion, SMART Balustrades is immensely proud of our ongoing project at The Paddocks in Knutsford, where our team is actively engaged in designing, manufacturing, and installing frameless glass balustrades for Priestley Homes. The recent recognition of The Paddocks as the Best Residential Development in Cheshire at the United Kingdom Property Awards 2023 is a testament to the success of this exceptional project, and we are thrilled to have played a pivotal role in its achievement. Our commitment to excellence in architectural design is reflected in the innovative and aesthetic contributions we’ve made to enhance both the safety and visual appeal of The Paddocks. This case study stands as a shining example of our dedication to pushing the boundaries of architectural innovation, and we look forward to continuing to transform spaces with our innovative designs in the future.

The Paddocks, Knutsford

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