Reynard House Case Study

Glass & Stainless Staircase Balustrades for Reynard House

Revitalizing Reynard House: SMART Balustrades’ Refurbishment Project

Project Overview

Reynard House, steeped in history and architectural significance, required a refurbishment to preserve its heritage while modernising its interiors. The project involved renovating various areas within the building, including staircases and balconies, by installing balustrades and handrails. SMART Balustrades was selected as the trusted partner for this crucial restoration effort.


Heritage Preservation: Reynard House’s historical importance necessitated a delicate approach to refurbishment, ensuring the preservation of its architectural heritage.

Integration with Design: The balustrades needed to seamlessly integrate with the building’s original design, maintaining its character while enhancing safety.

Compliance: Adherence to British safety regulations and heritage conservation guidelines was vital to guarantee both safety and authenticity in the restoration.

glass balustrade with stainless steel handrail

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SMART Balustrades’ Solution

SMART Balustrades, with its extensive experience in crafting bespoke balustrades, presented a tailored solution for the Reynard House refurbishment:

Heritage-Respecting Design: SMART Balustrades designed balustrades that paid homage to the building’s historical aesthetic. The ornate details and finishes were carefully chosen to complement the existing architecture.

Craftsmanship: Using traditional craftsmanship techniques, SMART Balustrades manufactured balustrades and handrails that matched the building’s original materials and designs, ensuring a seamless blend of old and new.

Regulatory Compliance: SMART Balustrades collaborated closely with conservation authorities and architects to ensure that the balustrades met the stringent safety and heritage preservation standards.

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The collaboration between Reynard House and SMART Balustrades resulted in a successful restoration:

Heritage Conservation: SMART Balustrades’ meticulous attention to detail preserved Reynard House’s historical charm, making it a showcase of British architectural heritage.

Design Integration: The new balustrades are seamlessly integrated with the building’s original design, enhancing its visual appeal while maintaining authenticity.

Safety and Compliance: SMART Balustrades ensured that all balustrades and handrails complied with British safety regulations and heritage preservation guidelines, ensuring the safety and well-being of Reynard House’s occupants.


The Reynard House refurbishment project stands as a testament to the successful partnership between Reynard House and SMART Balustrades. SMART Balustrades’ design, manufacturing, and installation of bespoke balustrades and handrails not only met the project’s heritage and safety objectives but also breathed new life into this historic building. This collaboration showcases how a commitment to preserving architectural heritage, combined with craftsmanship and adherence to regulations, can revitalize a cherished piece of British history.

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