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Commercial & Residential Timber Balustrade Solutions

If you’re looking to add a modern and clean look to your home, timber balustrades are the perfect addition to elevate your design and add originality as different species of tree produce different looks. Alternatively, they are the perfect choice for commercial buildings, delivering a sophisticated look to your business. Wood is the perfect choice to add an organic feel to your building, allowing commercial spaces to feel more natural and blend in with the landscape. Our timber can be paired with glass panels, which allow natural light to flow throughout your space and add a contemporary element to your stairs, balcony or landing. We can also offer powder coated perforated steel infill panels which are very durable and easy to clean.

At SMART we offer an unrivaled level of service at great prices, we do so whilst we administer the best safety checks during and after installation. Our experienced installation specialists will make sure that you have the best experience throughout your project, ensuring they comply with all the necessary building regulations.

Glass Balustrades with Timber

Timber Balustrade Wood Options

At SMART Balustrades we mainly use oak for timber handrails as this wood is a very good choice for projects, being strong, durable and resisting everyday wear and tear whilst offering the natural and organic beauty into any space. However, we are also able to offer ash, maple and beech wood. All of which are popular, pleasing and durable options. This comforting and warm aesthetic of timber will add a natural and decorative touch to your space.

Timber and Steel Balustrades

Timber Balustrades Panel Options

Our timber balustrades are usually offered with glass or steel infill panels. Glass is the most popular and cost effective, providing a contemporary look whilst letting natural light shine through to really open up and elevate your space. Our powder coated perforated steel infill panels are another option which are very durable and easy to clean, making them a great investment.

Timber Handrails

The Best Spaces For Timber Balustrades

We recommend using timber internally, which is what we offer as it is the perfect option for stairs and landings, being highly versatile as a beautiful wood. Our timber will add the perfect aesthetic to your home as a natural material, with different species of tree producing timber of different colours, textures and functional qualities. Our timber is also perfect for commercial spaces, with wood being universally popular and it has the benefit of helping your structure to blend in with the landscape, especially in rural areas.

Balustrade Installation Across England and Wales

We supply and install timber balustrades in both residential and commercial properties throughout England and Wales. With a combined experience of 170 years in the balustrade industry, your project will be in safe hands with us. With more than 800 happy customers to date, we’re proud of the quality products and service we can offer – and we’re more than happy to answer any questions you may have and guide you through the process before getting started on a project. There are usually a large number of safety regulations that you will need to conform to, which is why having our experienced installers is a must, which our happy customers all over the UK will agree to. We are able to install our balustrades for staircases, balconies, patios, terraces and much more

Timber Balustrades with Glass

Need an experts opinion?

We’re happy to guide you through every step of your project, providing you with professional insight and ensuring you get your desired result. At SMART Balustrades we have accumulated an experienced team which is able to help with any queries you have, whether it be about manufacturing, installation, consultation, site surveys, designs or aftercare. Our gallery is available if you would like a more visual dive into our work, or have a read of our blog!

Glass and Timber Balustrades

Looking for balustrade parts only?

We are still able to help if you’re just looking for balustrade parts without installation. We host an abundance of products, available for both large and small projects. Feel free to drop us a message. If you require a quote, you utilize our smart 3D balustrade planner, which is an interactive tool to generate an instant quote. You can browse your options of shape, dimensions, style, colour, thickness and type. Please make sure to check any regulations before launching your project and acquire the necessary safety gear and equipment for any home projects. 

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No need to just take our word for it – meet some of our satisfied clients and see how we have successfully helped with their projects. We are very proud of providing such a polished and professional service, which you can explore further on our case study page. Don’t forget to also have a read of some of our excellent TrustPilot reviews!

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    Balustrade FAQs

    Balustrades are a feature of many properties, used on staircases, terraces, balconies, roof tops, patios and many more places. They are designed to prevent any falls from said areas, providing safety for elevated spaces. Our timber balustrades are made out of oak, ash, maple or beech wood and typically feature a glass or steel panel.

    There are a number of steps to take into consideration when installing a timber balustrade, and it is recommended that hiring a professional team such as ourselves is the best option to ensure all safety regulations are adhered to and the quality of the installation is perfect. However, if you do qualify to be able to do it yourself with the necessary skills, you should consider the following:

    • Check all regulations are met so you comply with the minimum and maximum height and gap rules.
    • Try to always have assistance when working on the installation, you will benefit from having someone hold the materials in place as you attach your balustrades to the structure, and timber can be heavy.
    • Make sure to double check all measurements made of the area numerous times to ensure you have the correct sized timber balustrades, supports, fittings and panels.

    Before starting, make sure that you have the necessary tools to complete the project, these can include PPE Pencil, tape measure, string line and spirit level, drill/driver and screwdriver, a saw and appropriate screws.

    Our balustrades are varied in pricing depending on numerous factors, such as the type, size, which panels you use (glass panels are more cost effective, but steel panels are more sturdy), and more. If you would like to get an idea of certain costs, you can check our smart 3D balustrade planner or drop us a message.

    A balustrade is definitely necessary in any given situation where one or even both sides of a staircase, balcony, landing or any elevated space are open. This will prevent any risk of a fall, as a balustrade acts to create a safety barrier to falling and will support the handrail, making places such as staircases much more safe to use. If you’re just looking for an elevated aesthetic to your space, such as a patio, a balustrade can boost the area and provide a traditional or modern look depending on the style, helping your house or company building become much more appealing.

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