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 Frameless Balustrade Solutions for residential & commercial properties

Frameless Glass Balustrades, also known as seamless balustrades, are a great solution for homes and business establishments alike, adding a clean and modern look throughout. Frameless glass balustrades are becoming increasingly common, people like them due to the fact they let through a lot of natural light from windows and doors without any sort of obstruction. At SMART Balustrades we pride ourselves in providing high quality balustrade solutions and our bespoke balustrades are designed and fitted to suit each customer’s individual needs. 

Not just do seamless glass balustrades look great indoors on staircases and landings, they look stunning outdoors too. Outdoors we commonly use these balustrades for terraces, patio fencing and balconies, offering unobstructed views from seating areas. Some people worry the frameless balustrades aren’t as strong as other options, but with our heavy duty balustrade-fixings, all our frameless balustrades are able to conform to regulating standards and work perfectly as a safety barrier. 

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Frosted Balustrade Glass

Glass Variations

We are able to provide our frameless glass balustrades in a variety of styles. Our most popular option is clear glass due to the amount of light it lets through, but we also offer low-iron glass which is commonly referred to as “ultra clear glass”, which is another popular option amongst our customers. For intimate settings, we can offer frosted glass as a sort of privacy screen. Our less common glass styles include grey tinted, bronze tinted, blue and green glass. 

Seamless Balustrades

Mounting Options

Frameless balustrades have several mounting options to suit your preference and setting. We offer recessed mounting where the support channel sits beneath floor level, making it completely invisible to anyone using the area. Another mounting option we provide is surface mounting, where the support channel sits above the floor level – this option is commonly used in cases where digging the channel into the floor is impractical. 

Frameless Balustrade Handrail

Handrails for frameless balustrades

Fully-frameless balustrades usually don’t have any handrails, hence them being completely frameless. However, semi-frameless balustrades don’t have any supporting posts but usually contain a handrail on top, be it stainless steel or timber. We offer a wide range of handrails, you can take a look at our options here

UK Balustrade Installation

We supply and install frameless balustrades in both residential and commercial properties. Our team has a combined experience of 170 years in the balustrade industry, and as such you’re in safe hands. Ensuring you have an experienced installer is essential for Balustrades due to the large number of safety regulations that you need to conform to. We have happy customers all over the UK, making us the SMART choice for balustrade installation. All our work is also covered under our guarantee, giving you peace of mind that you’re going to receive a quality product and service from our team. 

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Frameless Glass Staircase

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We’re on hand to talk you through every step of your project, refining your requirements to the T and ensuring you get the exact result that you’re looking for. From helping with designs all the way through to aftercare, we’re with you every step of the way. Get in touch today to start your balustrade project. 

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Frameless Glass Balcony

Supply-Only Balustrade Parts

If you’re looking for balustrade parts without installation, we can still help. We have lots of products we offer that are perfect for both small and large projects. Get in touch with our team for more information or visit our instant quote tool and use our smart builder to get an estimate instantly.

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With hundreds of projects completed for our happy clients, it’s not wonder that SMART Balustrades have gained a fantastic reputation within the balustrade industry. Take a look at our case studies to follow our projects from start to finish. Our process is simple and effective, meaning all our balustrade projects are top quality. Feel free to also read some of our excellent TrustPilot reviews!

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    Frameless Balustrade FAQs

    Frameless balustrades are a type of glass balustrade used in architectural design to create strong yet stunning safety barrier. Using specially designed and toughened glass, these robust balustrades look modern and sleek, allowing naturally light to radiate through your property. Frameless balustrades can be used both indoors and outdoors, with various glass variations and mounting options available. 

    The cost of frameless balustrades will differ depending on the thickness and fixings chosen. Certain designs and uses will mean thicker glass types are necessary, with fixings to suit which may increase the cost. There are other types of glass balustrades available such as with stainless steel balusters and handrails that work out slightly lower in cost that frameless glass balustrades.

    Absolutely! Our frameless balustrade staircases are an absolute hit amongst our customers, offering a sleek and modern design with no obstructions. We can also offer semi-frameless balustrades including either a steel or timber handrail to assist with safety on your staircase.

    Frameless balustrades are very easy to clean, making them a great product to use in busy areas. If you’re using them outdoors, you can wash them the same as you would other glass products such as windows or patio doors, using water, soap and a window squeegee for a gleaming finish. Indoors, you can use window cleaning spray and a soft cloth, or use the above method if you have hard floors and are able to mop up any excess water.

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