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Commercial and Residential Glass Variations

At SMART we are an excellent rated company that provides unrivalled service with glass balustrades. As industry leaders, we are able to help our clients from the drawing board to project completion, providing the perfect solution for your glass ideas. Whether you’re looking to elevate your aesthetics in a space such as a Juliet balcony or add security to your terrace, our glass is able to provide safe, modern and clear balustrades

Glass creates the illusion of more space, opening up your house or business area. As glass creates a transparent border, it will not block the light which creates an open, fresh and bright atmosphere. Glass is ideal for modern interiors, but it can also add a touch of sophistication to classic interiors for an attractive juxtaposition in the interior. As glass compliments other materials, it is very versatile and is easy to clean, making it a perfect fit for many spaces. Therefore, it is the perfect material for aesthetics and safety, and you’re able to view more of our glass work in our gallery and case studies.

Colour Customisation

We understand how important customisation is to make sure products fit perfectly into your space and reflect your taste. We are able to offer various colour options for our glass, such as the following:

  • Clear (this is our standard colour)
  • Low iron (ultra clear)
  • Grey tinted
  • Bronze tinted
  • Green
  • Blue
Glass Balcony

Special Interlayers

We are able to implement a structural interlayer which can improve the structural performance of the glass, such as Sentry Glass. Having special interlayers improves strength and stiffness, which boosts safety to prevent breakage, glass fragments or injury. With increased durability comes increased security, as the special interlayers can withstand much more than standard glass and last longer. This is perfect for someone who wants the modern, clean and sophisticated look of glass with the ease of knowing it is much more durable and secure.

Structural Glass Fixings

Personalised Printing

Personalisation has become a must in the modern day, which is why we offer various layers of customisation with our glass products. With the option of screen printing, we are able to offer various levels of opaqueness as well as the customisation of patterns and logos. This boosts brand consistency within businesses to keep a strong brand identity. We are also able to provide frosted interlayers which can be coloured or white laminated interlayers. With the utilisation of sandblasting on glass, it opens options of customisation which acts like an airbrush.

Glass Balustrade Installation across the UK

At SMART Balustrades our expert team have over 170 years combined experience in the balustrade industry, meaning using us is the SMART choice. We service the entire UK, specialising in structural glass installation and with our various SMART systems and fittings options we have a solution to suit everyone. Our balustrades can be used for staircases, balconies, terraces, gardens and much more. All our work is covered under our guarantee, meaning quality is assured throughout all our projects. Want to see some of our installation work? Head over to our gallery or take a look at some of our case studies to see our project process from start to finish.

Frameless Handrails

Require advice from an expert team?

Our expert team is always on hand to help and guide our customer, so if you require more information or have any questions you can get in touch. No matter whether your project is big or small, we are able to provide you with all sorts of glass variations to place on your balconies or staircases. We are an excellent rated company providing quality services as seen in our TrustPilot reviews.

Take a look at our previous work!

Throughout our years of providing exceptional service we have completed countless jobs for our satisfied customers. You’re able to take a look at our work on our case studies page where we showcase completed jobs. Whether you’re looking for someone to complete your dream job or just some inspiration, you can look at our gallery which is full of images.

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    Handrail Colour FAQs

    Our glass is able to be implemented into many different structures. Our glass balustrades are very popular in businesses and houses, inside and outside. We’re able to build the perfect glass balustrade on your staircase, balcony, terrace, garden and more. Feel free to view our gallery and case studies to see more on our completed glass projects.

    Glass is a simple and elegant material, which transfers to its cleaning. Keep it simple with cleaning by using warm soapy water. Using a soft cloth and some warm soapy water is all you may need to remove marks and dirt from the glas, avoiding any scratches or water marks.

    Our glass products can vary in pricing depending on various factors such as the style of frame (steel, seamless or timber), different fittings, thickness and style. If you have an area in mind that you would like to get a guide price, you are able to use our balustrade planner tool for an instant estimation online. 

    We have numerous glass thicknesses for post and rail balustrades as well as structural glass balustrades. Our thicknesses are as follows:

    Glass thicknesses for post and rail balustrades:

    • 10mm monolithic  (single sheet of glass)
    • 11.5mm toughened laminated (2 panels laminated together)

    Glass thicknesses for structural glass balustrades:

    • 15mm monolithic (0.74kN)
    • 17.5mm toughened laminated (0.74kN)
    • 19mm monolithic (1.5kN)
    • 21.5mm toughened laminated (0.74/1.5kN)
    • 25.5mm toughened laminated (1.5/3.0kN)
    • 31.5mm toughened laminated (3.0kN)

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