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Are you looking to install a balcony to your residential or commercial property? Our SMART team are highly experienced in supplying and installing balustrades to suit different balconies and in different applications – from private homes to golf courses, large-scale developments and hotels, we are here to provide the perfect balustrade solution for your project. Balconies can offer elevation to your properties aesthetic and compliment your building with a traditional or contemporary look depending on the style and materials used.

We aim to offer an excellent level of service at unrivaled prices, whilst we administer the best safety checks during and after installations. Our specialists will make sure that you have the best possible experience throughout your projects as possible, whilst ensuring that they comply with all the necessary building regulations.

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Glass Balconies

Juliet Balconies

We are able to provide our high quality balustrade systems for all balconies including Juliet balconies – also known as balconets or balconettes. Our structural glass and stainless steel balustrades can be fitted to your property in a number of ways – with our wide range of aluminium base tracks and glass thicknesses we can supply and install balustrades to the highest quality.

The Benefits of Having a Balcony

Not only do balconies open your property up to more space easily, it allows you to spend time outdoors in the comfort of your own home. Access the fresh air without having to go far, and use it as a good place to read or relax. Balconies don’t just offer personal advantages such as extra storage or nice views, they will also boost the price and aesthetic of your property.

Juliet Balcony

Secure Balcony Balustrades

Safety is a primary concern for our company, therefore we install the best possible balustrades to your balconies which will keep you and your family safe as even the smallest drops can be a problem. Abiding by all planning permissions, we can provide the perfect balustrade that’ll allow kids, pets and those with mobility issues a chance to experience a balcony too.

Glass Balcony Installation

At SMART, we can supply and install balcony balustrades in both commercial and residential properties throughout the UK. We are proud to have a combined experience of 170 years in the balustrade industry between our expert team, so you can rest assured that your project will be safe with us. We have currently helped over 800 happy customers achieve their project goals at unrivaled quality. Our work is covered under our guarantee which will let you rest easy and know you will be receiving to[ quality in our services. There are usually a number of safety regulations that you may need to conform to, so having our experienced installers is a huge help.

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Glass Balcony Balustrade

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Don’t hold back on any questions you may have, our expert team is happy to help you as we guide you through every step of your project, providing professional advice and ensuring the best possible result. 

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Glass Balcony Balustrade

Just looking for spare parts?

At SMART Balustrades we can also supply parts if you’re just looking for balustrade parts for your balcony, without installation. We supply a variety of products that are useful for a various amount of projects, despite the size. Just get in touch with us and we can help you!

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Since launching SMART Balustrades, we have helped over 800 customers with projects of varying sizes and styles. Feel free to read some of our excellent TrustPilot reviews, or delve deeper to see our consultation to the installation process on our case studies page and see how our expert team could help you. Our gallery is available for you to take a look at to give you an idea of what we’re capable of, or take a look at our case studies page for deeper insight into our work.

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    Balcony FAQs

    A balcony is typically a raised platform outdoors, attached to the side of any building which is enclosed by a low railing, wall or balustrade. Balconies are usually accessible through an upper floor and generally only have one point of access such as a bedroom.

    Most likely, yes. You may need to obtain planning permission before installing a balcony to your property. Planning guidance can usually be found on the UK Government’s website and through your local council. However, there are the number of factors to consider when designing a balcony and submitting a planning application, including:

    • Whether your balcony will overlook neighbouring properties and gardens
    • Consideration as to how the balcony’s solid floor will affect the amount of light that can reach through to windows on lower floors
    • Whether the design of the balcony will match with your property’s overall design
    • Whether there is a precedence for installing balconies on properties in the same area
    • What type of guarding rail or balustrade you will have in place to prevent falls
    • If your property is a listed building, you will need to seek additional permission to install a balcony

    In short, yes, you may be able to. Planning permission will be required, like above, if you’re wanting to convert or modify your flat or property roof. Again, you may need to seek permission from your council and they will evaluate how the balcony might affect your neighbours and how it would impact surrounding areas. This may also be classed more as a terrace.

    Terraces are more open spaces, and they can be detached or attached to a property. Whereas balconies are small elevated platforms that are usually fixed to a property and lead to one room, as well as being more private and less open.

    Find out more about balconies on our blog!

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