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Commercial & Residential Wire Balustrade Solutions

At SMART Balustrades, we offer a variety of balustrade systems. These systems can be customised to suit different needs. We take pride in our ability to provide a wide range of options. Our range encompasses glass, stainless steel, frameless, timber, and wired balustrades, catering to both commercial and domestic requirements.

Our wire balustrades are made from high-quality stainless steel, designed to last through rough weather conditions with little maintenance needed. They are a great investment for any property.

Wire balustrades excel in versatility and safety, while also allowing abundant natural light to filter through. We focus on following building regulations during installation to make sure the balustrades are safe for your property. Wire balustrades allow light, air, and modern style to buildings. They enhance appearance and functionality, making them a valuable addition to any structure.

With our colour customisation service, you are able to transform the stainless steel components of your wire balustrades into any colour of your choice using our powder coating technology. You can easily match your balustrades to your space and add colour to your home or match your branding in a commercial space. We can personalise your property with ease.

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Versatile and Low Maintenance

Wire balustrades are a versatile option, being able to fit various design preferences, architectural types and lot types. They can be installed in both commercial and residential settings, from your home balcony to hotel staircases. They are also low maintenance, especially compared to other balustrade materials as they require minimal maintenance. An easy routine cleaning is all they usually require.

Unobstructed Views

Due to the design of wire balustrades, they provide unobstructed views, whether they are installed indoors or outdoors. This is desirable for properties that have scenic surroundings or architectural features that they want to show off. This also allows for more airflow and light to pass through, whilst keeping the safety of a balustrade.

Durable and Safe

As with all of our balustrades, they offer excellent safety, providing a barrier on elevated areas such as stairs, balconies, terraces and more. Wire balustrades are also durable, as they are constructed from stainless steel and resistant to corrosion. This makes wire balustrades perfect for outdoor and indoor use, as they are able to withstand the harsh weather conditions.

Balustrade Installation Across the UK

Our team of professionals at SMART Balustrades possess over 170 years of combined expertise in the balustrade industry, making us the only option for the job. We provide wire balustrade installation services throughout the United Kingdom and have a range of SMART systems and fitting options to meet all of your requirements. Our wire balustrades offer a flexible solution for a wide range of applications, from terraces to gardens, balconies to staircases.

You can feel secure knowing that every project we work on is guaranteed to be of the highest calibre thanks to our guarantee. Want to see our craftsmanship in action? Take a look at our installation work in our portfolio or go through our case studies for an in-depth overview of our project’s development from start to finish. With SMART Balustrades, elevate your space with confidence and precision.

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Browse our range of balustrade parts for excellent rates on products including structural glass, stainless steel and balustrade fittings. If you’re looking for balustrade products without installation for home projects, we’re happy to help. Make sure you look at all the regulations before starting the project and have all the necessary equipment and safety gear. Take a look on our blog for handy guides and tips, or get in touch with our team if you want any further information.

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    Wire Balustrade FAQs

    Wire balustrades offer several benefits, including durability, safety, versatility, minimal maintenance requirements, and unobstructed views. They are a stylish and practical choice for enhancing the aesthetics and functionality of your property.

    Yes, wire balustrades can be customised to fit various design preferences and architectural styles. We offer a range of fittings, frames, and colours to suit your needs.

    Yes, wire balustrades are suitable for outdoor use. Their stainless steel construction makes them resistant to weathering and corrosion, ensuring longevity even in outdoor environments.

    Wire balustrades are typically constructed using high-quality stainless steel wires that are strong, durable, and resistant to corrosion.

    Wire balustrades are sleek railing systems made of thin stainless steel wires stretched between supports. They offer modern aesthetics, safety, and functionality, suitable for staircases, balconies, and other areas. Known for durability and low maintenance, wire balustrades provide unobstructed views, making them popular for various properties.

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