What are the benefits of a glass staircase?

A glass balustrade staircase provides a modern, clean and bright aesthetic to your space. For an added sophisticated touch of elegance, glass staircases are the perfect choice. They allow more light into your home or business, giving the illusion of a larger, more pen space. Not only do glass staircases elevate the appearance of your stairs, but they also add safety and strength to them too.


How should you integrate a glass staircase into your space?

Balustrades can be different and diverse in a variety of ways, as they alter the feel and design of your space and boost the safety and protection of people on your stairs, preventing falling or injuries. With our combined experience of over 133 years, we have come across many glass staircase ideas that have incorporated beautiful glass balustrade staircases that fit the shape and surroundings of their staircase seamlessly. 

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Glass Staircase Ideas


Glass and timber

As clean and modern as glass is, timber can really bring it into a more warm and homely atmosphere. Great for indoor use if you’re looking for a soft, natural and warm aesthetic. With the use of natural materials, this type of staircase can really elevate your space whilst still providing a welcoming feel. Our timber has steel cores built into it, providing an impressive level of durability and strength – a highly elevated alternative solution to the classic balustrade aesthetic.

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Glass and steel 

Our top quality steel frames and glass balustrades are complete with stunning stainless steel baluster posts and handrails. These types of staircases are perfect for a company building, or even a modern home. They are low maintenance and cost effective, with various fixing options available.


Frameless glass balustrades

Frameless glass balustrades are definitely a popular staircase choice for an architectural design feature on many projects, internally and externally, especially in modern builds. Using high quality, toughened structural glass, specifically designed for the use as a frameless balustrade, you can implement this design into your space for a contemporary finish, whilst keeping users safe.


Bolted clear balustrades

A very classy design, this type of balustrade staircase involved glass sheets with a polished top, which have then been bolted to the base of the glass into the staircase. This design is the perfect blend of classy, intelligent and clean. These can come in different variations, such as frameless or with frames such as steel or wood.


Glass with multiple cables

With glass sheets and steel cables, the combination of these two acts as a safe, clean and modern staircase balustrade. The juxtaposition of the steel and the glass broken into sections add more of an interesting element to your design, but still allows it to appear bright and elevated, serving as railing and guard.


Running handrail

You can keep your stairs perfectly safe, whilst implementing a modern glass balustrade into it. If we consider children, elderly and vulnerable people, the safety measure of a railing is a must. As fashionable the glass railing is, it may lack safety, therefore adding a running handrail all the way through, bolted to all the glass can boost the practical element of your staircase. A durable metal handrail could be perfect, tackling the issue of safety in your space.


All glass staircase

For this staircase, it consists of glass in most of the setup, starting from the steps to the railings. Having this type of staircase can really elevate the elegance of your space, providing a luxury feel.


Floating stairs

For an extravagant, modern and clean loo, floating stairs are a go to. Having these stairs with a glass balustrade allows for the look of a transparent staircase to multiply the effect of the floating stairs. This combination causes much more light to shine through your space, and for it to open up and feel bigger.


Patterned stairs

Having a creative element in your space such as a pattern on your stairs or a distinctive material such as marble can add an element of interest to your stairs. Pairing this with a glass staircase balustrade can keep the focal point on the pattern, and allow the balance to remain even and clean, as a patterned or less transparent balustrade may take away from the pattern or overpower the space.

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Spiral staircase

For this staircase, it is an alteration of the glass balustrades so that they fit the spiral staircase, elevating the already exclusive design. Opening up light into your spiral staircase can make the room feel bigger and brighter from multiple angles, and create a cleaner, more modern and luxurious atmosphere.

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