Glass balustrades are becoming more and more popular because they provide a contemporary, sleek, and clean appearance that can open up your space to natural light and views. They need to be installed and set up properly to guarantee both safety and aesthetic appeal, as they act as a sturdy yet stylish barrier against falls. There are common mistakes that are easy to be made when it comes to glass balustrade, so take a dive into our blog to understand these glass problems!


Measuring for your balustrades


It is important to start your glass balustrade journey by measuring precisely, as this is where common errors may occur. Accurate measurements for your balustrades are the solid foundation of a successful glass balustrade installation, so the measurements need to be done properly. These measurements are crucial as they allow the panels to fit perfectly within the space to get the correct safety and aesthetic appeal you require.

This part has a few common errors that could happen due to incorrect measurements, which could happen for various reasons such as using improper tools, not double measuring, misreading the measurement tape, overlooking important dimensions and more. This could lead to consequences such as:


  • Gaps: If the measurements are too small, gaps can form between the glass panels and the frame or between panels. These gaps not only look bad but also weaken the safety and stability of the balustrade.
  • Overly Tight Fits: If the measurements are too large, the glass panels won’t fit properly. Trying to force them in can stress the glass, leading to cracks or breakage.


Use accurate and high-quality measuring tools, such as a laser measurer or a trustworthy tape measure, to prevent common measurement errors. To ensure accuracy, always take two measurements. Take measurements of the height, width, and depth that are required, keeping in mind the space needed for fixtures and obstacles. 

Recognise and take into account the manufacturer’s tolerances to prevent tight fitting or gaps. If you’re unsure of your level of expertise or how to handle the complexity of the project, think about hiring a professional. These instructions will guarantee the proper, safe, and visually appealing installation of a glass balustrade.


Understanding building regulations for glass balustrades


Once you have measured your space for balustrades, it is important to adhere to any manufacturers recommended safety standards and Building Regulations. These regulations and standards are designed to ensure safety, durability, and legal compliance of your glass balustrade installation.

When it comes to Building Regulations, mistakes are frequently made, which sadly can result in major legal problems as well as safety risks. Make sure you abide by the rules and guidelines to prevent consequences, expensive adjustments, and higher accident risks. 

You can avoid these by researching the rules and regulations beforehand, and if you are still unsure, contact a professional or hire a professional who is familiar with them. This ensures the installation will meet all the necessary legal and safety requirements.

When it comes to glass balustrades within a domestic space, such as a home, the building regulations have a minimum height requirement. In a single family dwelling, on internal stairs and landings this is 900mm and for external balconies including Juliette balconies and edges of roofs this is 1100mm from the finished floor level.  In apartment, office, educational, institutional, and public buildings, the height should be a minimum of 900mm on flights of stairs and 1100mm otherwise.



Choosing the right glass for your balustrades


It is important to select the appropriate glass type for your balustrade and be aware of the variety of options when it comes to glass selection. Toughened glass and toughened/laminated glass are the two forms of glass that are most frequently used. Toughened glass is stronger and far more impact-resistant than normal glass, and laminated glass consists of two or more glass layers joined by a plastic interlayer that keeps the glass in place even in the event of breakage.

Selecting the incorrect kind of glass is a typical mistake.  Most professionals, including SMART Balustrades, strongly advocate using toughened or toughened and laminated glass. If you choose non-toughened glass, it may break upon impact, resulting in a very dangerous and unstable barrier. When it comes to glass balustrades, toughened or toughened and laminated glass offers a much safer barrier that gives you the necessary security and longevity.


Professional installation


Why Hire a Professional


For a perfect and safe installation, you should choose an expert, like SMART Balustrades, to install your glass balustrades. Experts have the knowledge and skills necessary to choose and apply the proper hardware and materials, which is essential to the balustrade’s longevity and security. Additionally, they handle glass panels adhering to the best techniques, which lowers the possibility of damage during installation.


Common Errors Installation


Choosing hire an untrained installer can lead to a number of typical mistakes:

  • Inappropriate Hardware and Materials: Using improper or poorer hardware might jeopardise the balustrade’s structural integrity and provide a risk to the safety of people.
  • Handling Glass Panels Improperly: If glass panels are handled improperly during installation or transportation, they may break completely or develop chips. This has an impact on the balustrade’s safety in addition to its appearance.
  • Inappropriate Installation Methods: A lack of experience can result in unstable installations, weak joints, and misalignment, all of which may break down under pressure.


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To sum up, glass balustrades are an attractive and secure addition to any area, but installation must be done correctly. Precise measures provide safety along with attractive aesthetics by avoiding gaps and tight squeezes. Respecting Building Regulations is essential to avoiding legal problems and guaranteeing longevity. The strength and security required for effective barriers can be obtained by selecting laminated or tempered glass.

It is strongly advised to use professionals like SMART Balustrades for professional installation in order to avoid frequent errors like mishandling glass panels or utilising the wrong materials. Experts guarantee a product that is aesthetically pleasing, safe, and stable.

You may profit from attractive and safe glass balustrades by adhering to these recommendations and getting expert assistance when necessary.