How do you know you need a new staircase?

Think about getting a new staircase? Consider its state first. Signs like drooping parts, splits, or noisy steps could mean it’s due for renewal. If it’s in a high-traffic area showing signs of heavy use, a new one may be necessary. Check if your staircase meets safety standards and building codes, especially during renovations. Think about style, functionality, and accessibility needs. 

Safety concerns, like loose handrails or uneven steps, should prompt a close inspection. If issues persist, replacing the staircase might be the safest option. Changing your home’s look? Maybe for style, or need-based alterations, well having a professional by your side can guide you. They’ll help you make sound choices, tailored to your unique circumstances.


The average cost of a new staircase in the UK

Generally, a new staircase in the UK would cost about £1,000-£4,000, fitting included. But this price can shift completely. It’s all due to the materials you choose, how intricate your design is, and the staircase type. Your region may also have an effect on the price. Here is a list of the average cost of a new staircase in the uk with fitting included:

average cost of a new staircase uk


How long does it take to fit a staircase?

The time it takes to install a staircase can be influenced by factors. These factors include the type of material used, the skill level of the person doing the installation and the complexity of the staircase design. Generally a standard straight staircase can be installed within two days. However if we consider factors, like removing the staircase, preparing the area and installing the one it may take about a week.

For designs such as L-shaped, U-shaped, spiral or winding stairs additional time may be required. The installation duration for these types of staircases can range from three days, to a week depending on their size and complexity.


Labour cost to install a new staircase

Several things can change the price of fitting a new staircase in the UK. These include how complex the design is, the type of materials used, and the specific requirements of the job. The region and the contractor’s skills can also make the labor costs different. This can also include various different types of work, such as if you require a carpet to be fitted to your stairs.

labour cost of a staircase installation


Do I need planning permission to refurbishment my staircase? 

Within the UK, you usually don’t need planning permission for fixing up a staircase inside. This is true as long as the outside of the building isn’t changed. Still, following Building Regulations is essential. It guarantees safety and makes sure things remain safe and up to standard.


Are balustrades needed on a staircase?

According to building standards, if there are any landings, elevated areas or flights of stairs in a single-family home and the distance between the floors is greater than 600 mm, a balustrade must be installed. This can apply to any portion of the floor, gallery, roof, or balcony as well as any sunken regions. 

Another crucial factor is the balustrade’s height, which must be such that it keeps users from falling. The height may vary depending on where in the house your balustrade is positioned. The minimum heights of balustrades from floor to finish for a single-family home, as specified in Document K and BS6180, are as follows, depending on their positions:


Barriers in front of windows – 800mm

Stairs, edges of internal floors and landings, ramps – 900mm

Exterior balconies such as juliet balconies, roof edges, etc. – 1100


How much are the balustrades for a staircase?

Staircase balustrade­s prices differ a lot. They change­ based on what they’re made­ of, how complex their design is, and the­ staircase’s size. Want a more e­xact price? Get in touch with us at SMART Balustrades. We­ can help with your balustrade nee­ds.



In summary, deciding if you need a new staircase involves assessing its structural condition and considering safety and aesthetic factors. Signs of wear like drooping or noisy steps may indicate the need for a replacement. Understanding the costs in the UK, ranging from materials to design complexity, is crucial, with installation time varying based on the staircase type. While interior staircase refurbishments usually don’t require planning permission, adherence to Building Regulations is essential. 

Balustrades, mandated by building standards, play a key safety role, with their height contingent on location within the house. For precise pricing on balustrades and expert assistance, contacting professionals like SMART Balustrades is recommended. Whether for safety upgrades or a fresh look, informed decision-making ensures a successful staircase renovation.