Balustrade Ideas and Inspiration for Residential and Commercial Spaces

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  Balustrades are an excellent way to add character and elegance to your space, whilst improving safety at the same time. Balustrades come in all different shapes and sizes; there is one for every style and need, whether you want extra safety on your staircase, or privacy on your balcony. You can find them in

Banisters, Balusters, Balustrades and Spindles

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From balustrades to banisters, all of which come under a category that keeps your spaces safe from falls as well as elevating the aesthetic. Whether you’re a hotel or buying your first house, keeping your area safe is vital, especially for children or vulnerable people. Boost privacy and add a flare of décor to your

Balustrades: The Rules and Regulations

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Building regulations, no matter how strict, should always be followed to protect the users from any injury, and to keep your home or business space safe. The incorrect construction of a balustrade could delay a project, which adds further costs and can put people in harm. It is best to follow an approved document issued

Balconies & Planning Permission: Everything you need to know

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Are you thinking of installing a balcony but are not sure of the rules? Then you’ve come to the right place. In this blog we’ll detail everything you need to know about planning permissions and restrictions related to installing balconies. For a lot of people, having a balcony added to their home is a luxury

Adding two new recruits to our expanding team

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At SMART Balustrades we pride ourselves in providing top quality balustrade and balcony systems to clients in both commercial and residential sectors. Since we started trading in 2017 we have expanded into a team of ten people and are currently aiming for a growth of 35% year on year. Our staff are all highly experienced

Making The Most Of Your Outdoor Space In Britain

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Over the last 12 months we've seen a massive shift in Britain - with the unpredictable weather and ever-changing lockdown rules, ensuring your outdoor space is functional and welcoming has never been more important. Now that we can invite family and friends round once again, perhaps it's time to transform your outdoor space into an

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