Balustrades are the perfect addition to any property, whether they’re added to your comfortable home or a busy place of work. Implementing a balustrade into your space will boost the aesthetic appeal as well as serving as a crucial safety feature, keeping anyone within your home or building safe in elevated areas such as stairs, balconies, terraces, landings and more. 


Balustrade Materials

Balustrades can be made up of a variety of materials, such as glass, stainless steel and timber elements. These materials can also be combined to make unique balustrades, such as glass with timber handrails to really suit your aesthetic and unique requirements. Since balustrades are made of different materials, the cleaning and maintenance methods of them may differ, but all are simple and effective. It is important to have regular cleaning done on balustrades so their appearance doesn’t dull, as well as inspection for damage to keep people safe, especially in commercial spaces.


What you will need when cleaning balustrades

Keeping your balustrades looking their best over time requires some basic understanding about what goes into properly carrying out an efficient cleaning routine. Begin by filling up some fresh warm water in a bucket and prepare a cleaning solution depending on the material of the balustrade, such as glass or stainless steel. Always lean on the side of caution and use gentle cleaners that won’t cause any chemical reactions causing damage or staining. Applying this solution carefully is key: choose a soft cloth if the balustrade is sensitive to scratches or use softer (less-rough) brushes on harder surfaces. Final touches can be given with squeegees to prevent stubborn stains from returning and stop watermarks from ruining the appearance.


Cleaning Glass Balustrades

To keep your glass balustrades gleaming like new, it’s important to spend a short amount of time cleaning them regularly. A mild liquid dish soap or glass cleaner mixed with warm water is perfect for creating an effective cleaning solution – just fill a bucket with it. Using a gentle touch and soft cloth or sponge, wash away all signs of grime, dust, and fingerprints on the surface of your glass balustrade, taking care when working on stubborn stains or smudges that just don’t want to go away. Once you’re done ensuring that the entire surface is spotless, use a squeegee from top-to-bottom starting at the highest point. After this, use fresh towels free from lint residue which serve well in drying off any remaining moisture for crystal clear perfection without streaks involved. When done routinely, this simple approach will help protect against imperfections and maintain transparency throughout making sure that you enjoy nothing but beauty when it comes to your glass balustrades.


Cleaning Stainless Steel Balustrades

To make sure your stainless steel balustrades are looking their absolute best, first off you may want to use either a soft cloth or feather duster to remove any loose dirt or debris from the surface of your balustrades. Next up is mixing warm water with mild liquid dish soap onto a microfiber cloth – use this cloth for gently scrubbing down any visible marks or smudges (avoid harsh brushes and abrasive cleaners). After you’ve thoroughly scrubbed everything clean, rinse off all soapy residue before wiping dry with another clean soft cloth (you don’t want any unsightly streaks). In case you crave an added boost of shine plus protection against wear and tear down the road, consider applying either commercial stainless steel cleaner or whipping up your own vinegar and water solution at home. The key takeaway? Regular cleaning maintenance will help ensure that your stainless steel balustrades stay sparkling for years to come, no matter if they are a part of your home or your commercial building.


Cleaning Timber

If you want your timber handrails and timber elements of your balustrades looking as good as new for years on end, maintaining and cleaning them regularly is necessary. Kick off by utilising either a soft-bristled brush/vacuum cleaner with an attached brush to get rid of any loose dust, dirt, or debris from the timber handrails completely. As you move onto creating soap water solution using mild detergent along with warm water, make sure to always dip a gentle cloth/sponge into it instead of relying on anything abrasive. This technique will prevent any damages occurring from scrubbing too harshly against wood’s surface during cleanup. Avoiding harsh chemicals during clean-up guarantees prolonged durability without causing any damage issues with the wood. Thoroughly rinse all soap residues away from each area after completion then dry the timber using lint-free cloths before they continue drying naturally. A coat of protective sealant/timber oil applied regularly maintains their natural beauty and helps to keep them looking good for a long time.


Repairs and Inspections

Maintaining inspections and repairs of balustrades is very important, especially in commercial spaces such as hotels or work buildings. As balustrades play such a  crucial role in ensuring the safety of the individuals in the elevated spaces such as balconies, terraces and staircases, they need to be secure. By conducting routine inspections you are able to catch any hazards or structural weaknesses that could have been developed over time, avoiding any risk of accidents or falls. It is also important to have regular maintenance to prolong the lifespan of the balustrade, preventing any deterioration and minimising the need for replacements. Repairs could mean just replacing some spare parts, minimising costs and saving time.


Are you looking for balustrade installation services?

Balustrades in architectural design are quite common due to their functional as well as aesthetic appeal. Caring for these features correctly is key if you want them to look great and hold up over time. By taking a few important steps like regular cleanings, frequent inspections, necessary repairs, and protective measures – you can make sure that your balustrades stay a key part of the beauty and safety of your home or other building structure, such as hotels, offices and more. If you’re looking at adding beautiful yet secure balustrades into your space, feel free to contact us at SMART Balustrades today, where we can install custom balustrades that fit seamlessly into your residential or commercial space, or even provide spare parts to help maintain your balustrades.