Glass is one of the most versatile and elegant materials, used in many projects of ours and a popular choice amongst our customers. Glass balustrades have many variations for all sorts of desired projects. From commercial projects to elegant homes, glass balustrades can really elevate the aesthetic of a space, transforming it whilst keeping the safety and security the customer desires. Throughout this blog we will discuss the uses and benefits of a glass balustrade, to give you some insight into why they may benefit you and your space.


What are glass balustrades?


A glass balustrade is a barrier of glass panels which are sometimes supporting posts or balusters. These balustrades are primarily used to provide a safety barrier on areas such as balconies, staircases, terraces or decking in commercial and residential spaces. However, they are also a great aesthetic piece to add into your space for boosted sophistication and a contemporary style. These glass balustrades are able to be altered for extra protection and design, and come with many benefits which are mentioned below.


Where can you use a glass balustrade?


Glass is an extremely versatile material, which means glass balustrades are able to be used in many different areas and situations. Indoors and outdoors, glass balustrades can provide safety and beauty to commercial and residential areas, in places such as:

  • Staircases – glass is a perfect material for staircases because it not only provides the added protection to prevent falling, but it is also see through which really opens up your staircase to let more light into your home or commercial building, providing the illusion of a bigger area.
  • Balconies – glass will not block the amazing view you will get from your balcony, allowing for natural light to flow through and provide that protection you need to prevent any falling.
  • Terraces – the juxtaposition with the modern and sophisticated glass against the natural and rustic feeling of outdoor can really boost the aesthetic of your terrace. Glass can really open up your outdoor space by allowing light to pass through and avoid keeping the materials see through, making your terrace feel bigger and more airy.
  • Decking – glass balustrades are also perfect for decking as they do not corrode and are suitable for outdoor use, providing an elegant feel to your garden and keeping those views visible.
  • Boundary lines – keep boundaries in your space with glass balustrades which can be altered to follow various lines, whether they’re curved or not. 


What are the benefits of a glass balustrade?


Creating a brighter space


Glass balustrades are a great way to make your space seem bigger and brighter. As you can see through the glass, they do not block the light and allow light to shine through, which creates a more open and airy atmosphere. Glass creates the illusion of more space, which can make your area feel much bigger. Unlike traditional balustrades, glass provides a more modern look whilst enhancing the presence of sunlight, and if the glass is placed outside on a balcony, terrace or garden area, you are ensured you do not lose your beautiful view.


Aesthetically pleasing


Glass is simple yet effective and looks amazing in any style of building, inside and out. There are not many materials that can provide the elegance, sophistication and modern feeling that glass does, making it a special material for design. A glass balustrade can elevate your space, whilst providing many benefits, which is why it is a popular choice for commercial and residential spaces.


Low maintenance


Glass is an easy to clean material, as all you need to do to keep your glass balustrades in good condition is wipe them down with a soft cloth and some warm soapy water. Making sure you avoid any scratches or watermarks, your glass balustrades will remain simple and elegant, just like the cleaning process.


Better for the environment


Other materials such as metal are susceptible to corrosion, which releases potentially harmful substances out into the environment. However, with glass, this isn’t a concern due to its chemically inert and recyclable properties. Therefore, glass is an eco-friendly approach when thinking of balustrades in your environment.


Versatile design


Glass balustrades are like a blank canvas, they remain elegant, modern and simple but effective when used in their ordinary form. However, there are many options of customisation and versatile design, such as personalised printing or curved panels to really elevate your space. Glass also is suitable for modern spaces, as well as more traditional areas to juxtapose the more traditional materials.




Most people think glass is a fragile and delicate material, but when it comes to balustrades they are durable and hard wearing. Unlike wood, glass can not rot or be targeted by infestation over time. Glass tends to remain in the same perfect condition as long as the owner looks after it. Glass balustrades also come in various thicknesses and have the option for special interlayers, to boost the durability even more.


Do you require a glass balustrade?

Are you looking to transform your space with a protective and stylish glass balustrade? Feel free to contact us today on some more information specific to your project, no matter the size. You can also use our 3D planner tool to get an idea on the cost of a glass balustrade project and more of a visual idea of what is available.