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Here at SMART Balustrades we offer a high-quality range of balustrade systems, including glass, stainless steel, frameless and timber. Suitable for indoor and outdoor, commercial or domestic use, our stainless steel balustrades are designed to endure the elements and require minimal maintenance, making them the perfect investment for any property. Our stainless steel balustrades are available with two main fixings, circular base plates and 2-point side fixings. With a wealth of experience, SMART Balustrades assure you an unrivalled level of service with unbeatable prices.

Our extremely durable stainless steel balustrades are the perfect choice for any property. These affordable balustrades provide a versatile design and no matter their location, you will not have to worry about the stress of maintenance as stainless steel balustrades require very little effort to maintain. Offering various fittings, frames and colours, we can alter our stainless steel designs to your taste, whether you want a traditional look or a modern balustrade.

Not only do we pride ourselves on unmatched quality, we also administer safety checks during and after installation provided by our experienced installation specialists, ensuring they comply with all the necessary building regulations. 

Stainless Steel Balustrades with Glass

Stainless Steel Balustrade Fixings

Our stainless steel balustrades have two main fixings, the first being the circular base plates. These are used for fixing on top of structures to assure safe and sturdy construction. Secondly, we have the 2-point side fixings, which are used for fitting balustrades into the face of the structure. 

Stainless Steel Handrails

Stainless Steel Handrails

At SMART Balustrades, internally, we offer satin brushed in 320 grit stainless steel at grade 304. Externally, we offer grade 316 stainless steel in mirror and satin finish, providing a gleaming and clean look. Both options are available in 42mm and 48mm diameter.

Glass Balustrades with Stainless Steel

Colour Customisation

Have you been browsing balustrade ideas but wanted to custom them to fit your taste? Well, there is no need to worry about the stainless steel not complimenting your space, with our powder coat we can customise the stainless steel to any colour desired.

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SMART Balustrades has accumulated an experienced, friendly and hands-on team that are more than happy to help with any queries and questions you may have. Feel free to get in touch today, from insight into manufacturing, installation, designs, consultation, site surveys or aftercare, we are here to guide you through your project. Make sure to head over to our gallery to view our internal and external balustrades, or have a read of our case studies to experience our projects from beginning to end.

Steel Balustrades

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If you require a quote for an installation, feel free to use our smart 3D balustrade planer, an interactive tool to generate an instant quote and allow you to see your options of style, shape, dimensions, colour, thickness and type. However, if you are looking to browse our range of balustrade parts for our unrivalled rates on products which include stainless steel, structural glass and balustrade fittings, we’re happy to help with any enquiries. Don’t forget to check any regulations before launching your project, and acquire the necessary equipment and safety gear for home projects. Our blog is just a click away for more useful guides and tips, alternatively drop us a message here.

Steel Handrails

Looking for stainless steel balustrade parts only?

We are still able to help if you’re just looking for stainless steel balustrade parts without installation. We host an abundance of products, available for both large and small projects. Feel free to drop us a message. If you require a quote, you can utilize our smart 3D balustrade planner, which is an interactive tool to generate an instant quote. You can browse your options of shape, dimensions, style, colour, thickness and type. Please make sure to check any regulations before launching your project and acquire the necessary safety gear and equipment for any home projects. 

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Not only are we extremely proud of providing such a polished service, so are our clients. Meet some of our pleased clients and get a glimpse into how we’ve achieved success in their projects. You can explore further on our case study page, and witness how our expertise could benefit you and your project, or have a read of our exceptional TrustPilot reviews.

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    Stainless Steel Balustrade FAQs

    A stainless steel balustrade is a necessary component in the construction of a balcony, landing, staircare, or any area you would like to keep people safe and to prevent falling. Balustrades support these to provide structural integrity and allow the structures to be stronger, safer and easier to use. Stainless steel is rust free and will not get affected by wear and tear, therefore making it very cost effective, durable and giving you the best longevity possible.

    We call these mid-rails. The small 12-14mm diameter mid-rails are mainly used in a decorative manner, as they do not achieve the required balustrade loading to be used as a guarding. However, larger 26mm diameter mid-rails will meet the loading requirements of BS6180.

    Stainless steel balustrades can vary in price depending on the size, fittings and finishings chosen. However, they are the more affordable option in balustrades that we offer, being a cost effective material as well as cost effective to maintain, allowing your budget to stretch further. There is no long term or ongoing maintenance needed. 

    For more specific information, feel free to drop a message or use our 3D balustrade planner.

    Stainless Steel balustrades are very easy to maintain and keep aesthetically pleasing to the eye. No matter where it is located, these balustrades work well both inside and outside of a property with very little ‘elbow grease’ needed to keep them clean. 

    For any surface marks you may have, just simply wipe the stainless steel with a clean cloth of buff, providing a high shine. However, if you have more stubborn marks, you can use a mix of warm water and soap with a soft cloth, or even a soft bristled brush. The reason stainless steel is such a desired and used material is because it is so easy to maintain, durable and cost effective.

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